When will I receive my order?
Each and every piece is handmade to order, according to all the demands specified by the customer. Orders arrive within 2-3 weeks.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship worldwide – Please refer to the shipping options available at checkout for further details.

How are the neon signs powered?
Our neon signs are powered via a 12V transformer directly into any standard power socket, with a provided wall plug for each country/region.

How long will my LED neon signs last?

Our LED neon signs have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours.

Does it require any maintenance?*

Not at all. The LED is environmentally friendly and completely maintenance and hassle free.

Why choose LED flex neon?

– LED flex neon has a lifespan 3 times greater than that of traditional neon.
– A substantially lower manufacturing cost allows us to provide customers with a high end product at a relatively inexpensive price point.
– Made only with the highest quality materials, to assure your light shines bright for as long as possible.

– LED neons are extremely power efficient and eco friendly
– The non heating light and non fragile surface make for a very safe user experience.

– Easy to install and operate.


What’s the length of the power cord?

The power supply unit is made up of several pieces.
The overall length of the cord is 5 meters, which is composed of:

Sign to dimmer cable – 2 M.
Dimmer to adapter – 1.5 M.
Adapter to wall socket – 1.5 M.

How safe are LED neon signs?

Generally, LED lights are as safe as they come. At only 12V, our LED neon signs run at a much safer voltage than traditional neon. Due to its low output voltage, no heat will be generated on the outer surface even after long hours of nonstop operation.

Will my neon sign require any specialist for installation?

We’ve made Vibez signs installation process as simple as possible, so that even an inexperienced individual could easily install and enjoy their Vibez light.
The lights are pre mounted on an acrylic panel along with a main power plug.
Each sign comes with holes designated for hanging already drilled into the back panel.
We recommend fixing the sign to a wall using screws and an electric screwdriver.
Neon signs for permanent external use, and some large internal neon signs, will require specialist installation.

*The sign can also be suspended from a chain that we can supply as an optional accessory.


What does the warranty cover?

Each neon light has a 12 month manufacturer guarantee on the materials and workmanship of all the different components i.e. neon light, remote, dimmer and adapter. However, this warranty does not extend to any damage that may occur as a result of incorrect installation, improper use or physical damage made to the light during usage.

Which colors are available? 

We have a total of 9 colors – Pink, Light pink, Green, Blue, Light blue, Red, Warm white, Orange and White!

Can I use any font or design to create an LED Neon Sign?

Yes, however some fonts and designs work better than others, such as script (handwriting) and sans-serif fonts (clean fonts).

We recommend using only monoline (equal width) fonts due to the lighting tube we use. Simpler, incomplex fonts are generally easier to produce and therefore inexpensive, and more aesthetically pleasing.
Calligraphy/brush styles can’t be replicated precisely.

We’ll be glad to assist and advise you with any of your ideas.


Pricing is set by 2 main factors: Length of neon LED ( determined by word count, font size etc.) and the overall size of the sign.

Is there a minimum size requirement?

Each sign is manufactured to scale according to its width and text requirements.
The minimum width recommended for home use is between 60-120cm.
We also offer a range of mini neon signs in various designs with width up to 40cm.
For any other dimension related inquiries, please contact us and we’ll make it happen!