Our Story

Like any great story, ours begins on a vacation with a group of friends to the beautiful, colourful and vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand.

For those of you who haven’t been, every turn, every street corner of the bustling city is a mesmerizing colorful trip flooded by beautiful neon lights that give the city its distinct look.

We couldn’t get our minds off the city’s unique and beautiful atmosphere for months to come. The impact it had on us led us searching for our own set of neon lights, a search that resulted mostly in frustration over the high price, low quality and complex installation of whatever we did manage to find.

Being the year 2020, the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak struck us hard right where it mattered, and inevitably had us really looking inward. Being enclosed in our homes for so long, we’ve realized how important the mood and energy that each space radiates really is, and how it impacts the way we feel daily. Flooded by magical memories of neon soaked nights, we understood that if we want something done right we must do it ourselves!

We’re focused on giving people the best neon experience possible, with inexpensive, durable, easy to install and super high quality neon light solutions. That’s why we’ve created VIBEZ, your new home for neon wall art!

Choose one from our hand selected collection today, or create your own piece in just minutes, and get it right to your doorstep in just 2-3 weeks. It’s time to add VIBEZ to your life.